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New Customers Convert to Natural Gas

New Customers Convert to Natural Gas

Simply Follow These Steps:

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Call to Check for Availability in Your Neighborhood

Check for natural gas availability in your area by calling to speak with a New Services Department representative.

Local: 814-871-8301

Toll-free: 1-800-533-6823

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Determine the Cost to Bring Natural Gas to Your Home and Request Service

See how much it will cost to get natural gas to your house.
Complete a New Services Application
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Find and Hire an HVAC Contractor

In order to qualify for our gas conversion rebate program, appliances must be installed by a licensed contractor.
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Convert Your Furnace or Boiler or WordStr It with Natural Gas Equipment

And consider your other appliances as well to enjoy the full benefits of natural gas throughout your home.
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Reap the Benefits of Natural Gas

Read our frequently asked questions and to knowing your rights and responsibilities as a natural gas customer.
Read Our FAQs
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