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Special Protections

Special Protections

National Fuel offers special protections to help you maintain your gas service. If you and all other members of your household are age 18 or younger, age 62 or older, blind, disabled, receiving public assistance, Supplemental Social Security Income or additional state payments, you may be eligible for these protections. We will NOT disconnect service if you or a member of your immediate family is anticipating a hospital stay of 10 days or more. We will make an attempt to contact customers receiving special protections (by phone or in person) when collection activity for nonpayment occurs. At that time, a payment arrangement can be made. In the case of a medical emergency, providing a valid medical certificate from your doctor or local Board of Health may continue your service for 30 days. Extension of gas service beyond that time period may be available by contacting us to recertify your situation.

Budget Plan

Sign up for our budget plan to help manage your bills by establishing an average monthly payment amount that spreads the cost of higher wintertime bills over the course of a year. This program does not reduce your overall energy costs but does help make your bill predictable.

Designate a Third-Party

For your convenience, you may designate a relative, friend or agency to receive a reminder from us when your service becomes in danger of disconnection. Third-party designees are NOT responsible for paying your bill but can work with us on your behalf to avoid service interruptions.
Assign a Third-Party

Special Protections

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